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Here you will find methods and tools of Chinese metaphysics for self-development and improvement.
We hope in it you can find a lot of useful information on BaZi, Feng Shui, Date Selection, Medicine, learn about the news in the field of Chinese metaphysics, as well as get answers to your questions and increase your luck.

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City: St. Petersburg
Country: Russia
Website: bazimastery.ru
Forum: forum.bazimastery.ru
VKontakte: vk.com/destiny_code

The author studied Chinese astrology BaZi in the Center for Training and Counseling Feng Shui "Pearl of the Dragon" under the guidance of Anna Zaitseva and Natalia Tsyganova. Certified Bazi consultant from the "Pearl of the Dragon" Training and Counseling Center. Studies the knowledge of Chinese and Malaysian masters of Bazi and Feng Shui, translations of Chinese texts, etc.

The consultant of the forum "The Way of Fortune. Forum about Feng Shui".

If you are interested in consultations, please contact via info@bazimastery.ru or contact form.

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